Saturday, December 3, 2011


The bitter ozone stung my nostrils
Vapor slowed my lungs and wet my flesh
I crawled out of the dank, cold crack
And - behold - the world still existed.

The canyons and peaks had seen it all
For centuries and millennia
They shrugged off the water to rivers
Whose swollen bosoms charged back home; the
Clouds roiled ominously in the sky
Reminding us that they would be back
To bring what's due for our earthly sins.
The sun peaks its cowardly golden
Face back through, ashamed that it left us
Blind while it rested its weary mind.
And in the golds and the grays and greens
Life begins to exist again, the
Plants full with all the water they want
And we animals thankful for this
Second chance to try living again.

1 comment:

  1. This piece i quite simply am in love me its poetry in motion, emotions and actions at their rawest...your descriptions are so hard hitting and real...its diffult to not see things the way you do...its just mindblowing...would love to read more!!!!