Monday, December 12, 2011



I had just met you
The steam of our breaths
Still chased one another in
The hush snowfall.
Dreams of pines so vast
Their roots entwined in the earth and
Their branches holding each other up.
We would see them some day;
We would be them some day.

You cut your bangs too short
And wouldn’t let me see them
But I thought you
An angel still.
We wouldn’t kiss, but you would
Teach me how to lust so,
And I lost years in this timeless snow.

And now I gravely wonder as I slip
Down this downward spiral
Will I find you again
The real you
The icy gaze and the
Thawing smile
Will I whisper that curse again
The hopeful I love you
Will I find my way
Through untainted snow
To a bliss
Of not knowing
No, not remembering
        What I lost
        When the snow was gone?

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